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Bunny - Porikari

Every country has their own set of game meats, India with its enormous cultural diversity the presence of game meats are in plenty, Kings were hunters at leisure times and the after came British were no different, They found harmony in the wilderness what Indian forests had to offer. 

Meats ranging from squirrels of the Nilgiri forests to the camels of the Thar Desert were relished by kings and tribal all over the subcontinent; The two great Indian epics namely Ramayana and the Mahabharata has parts portrays about generations living in the forests and hunting for meats. 
In south India, the earliest writings available are those in Tamil, from about AD 300. Fried meat has three names, one of which was Porikari; Hare meat was among those fried, Common practices of spit roasting can be read, We also read about hot meat roasted in points of spits. 
Porunanuru” a tamil epic... it poetically describes the basting of meats ‘ Like drops of rain that fall in the full lake’ references of various m…

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