Chronicles of Sukkubai Biriyani

1994 or 95 ...Food is Nostalgic and even the experience which hitches around; My uncle had taken me to the theaters for the very second time; first it was King Kong and this time around it was Speed but on his way back to his house he took me to a tiny little house of sorts close to the the Mount Police station, It was a place where Beef Biriyani was served on Manthara Elais (leaves); The place looked stuffy yet I can still smell the aromas of that day the place later played a pivotal role on my adolescence even thou I don't fancy the beef pieces I a. A lot content with the egg and the patchadi over my beef kuska.
Present day : On a beautiful day off over my couch; The TV remote all for myself; The channels just kept flipping up and down; after catching a bit of highlights of the foxes sending the special one home; I bumped on the movie speed; and the nostalgia took me on a time travel and when it hit the Sukkubai corner; The aroma didn't cease there it made me to stroll along the Asarkana street and get couple of parcels of the Legendary Beef Biriyani; The Manthara Elais have gone extinct now but the aroma still remains the same but on a decent parcel container. 

The legend "Sukkubai": The Elais did have difference yet this Biriyani too didn't disappoint, The beauty about the Beef here is: It is marinated wig good amount of ginger garlic and all the essential aroma's; and that to me gives a distinct flavor the rice sticking on to the morsels are more tastier; I do spend ample amount of time in removing the rice and saving the beef pieces for the beef eaters in my family, while I was getting the order packed I witnessed a good deal which is going on out there.... It's called the 
Beef Combo priced at 150 bucks it contains elumbu soup+ Liver + cutlet+parrota or idiyappam+ Beef Fry+egg+ Patchadi 
The guy quickly pulled out his phone and took a pic ...( am pretty sure there is a droll on his wall at this moment) 

100 bucks for an 1/2 plate which is an absolute value as it takes me on time travel every bite πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Legends never die they live forever and become immortal and that's Sukkubai for me 

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