Uppu kari - Salt meat

Even what is closest to us can seem exotic and mysterious, only in the accordance of ignorance's; even though one is surrounded by a specific environment- we fail to see the exclusivity in them, All we could say is we are at home yet distant ourselves from these goodness. 

Not long ago Peppers, tomatoes and even potatoes were foreign it was a staple for the locals in the lands across the oceans, But the individuality towards its characteristics makes them distinct and also tags them as a rare find, What is rare to one may be perceived as a norm to the other and what is norm to the other may be perceived as rare to some, Recipes follow the same pattern, of course the recipes are dictated by the geographic and cultural background and exotic is no longer associated with distance it is more so associated with the mysteries and unknown enigma what it can create. Uppu Kari is a very traditional Chettinad dish and one of the best kept secrets of the vibrant Chettinad cuisine of Tamil Nadu. Today, one can find several variations of this dish but very few of these do justice to the real heritage of this preparation.
Uppu Kari or Chettinad mutton fry may have only a few ingredients but it has complex, fiery flavours and is so uniquely reminiscent of this cuisine.
 The Uppu Kari is all about the smoky, vibrant and fiery flavour of the dried chillies; not just any variety but the plump round ones that are called goondu milagu in South India. Easily available at all Indian stores and grocers, these chillies are not very hot when kept intact. The combination of dried chillies with the shallots and garlic slow roasted with the mutton in a large wok is what gives this dish its flavour.
What could be felt is that the recipe can take good amount of salt and at each time one can dictate on the balance of ones palate, Uppukandam is an alibi it is another version where similar ingredients are used but this one is a preserved meats using salt and dehydration technique, Uppukandam would take towards more robust approach. 
Uppukari over a salt slab actually works more better as the scrape of salt as we pick it off tends to keep the notes of saltiness intact. A recipe is not complex with the amount of ingredients it takes in or for that matter the amount of techniques used- A recipe is complex for its purpose- for its simplicity and the message which it try’s to get it across to ones diners, Uppu Kari - simply said Salt -Meat and flavours talk. 

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