White reveloution -Palkova - Textures of milk

In the 1970’s after the “green reveloution” came in the “White reveloution” although it terms rhyming to racisim, this isnt. 

White Revolution came into existence because of Operation Flood, launched in 1966, was a project of India's NDDB, which was the world's biggest dairy development program. It transformed India from a milk-deficient nation into the world's largest milk producer, surpassing the USA in 1998,with about 17 percent of global output in 2010–11. In 30 years it doubled milk available per person, and made dairy farming India’s largest self-sustainable rural employment generator. It was launched to help farmers direct their own development, placing control of the resources they create in their own hands. All this was achieved not merely by mass production, but by production by masses.  

First it was introduced to the Metros and by the time it wielded down to the towns, then to villages it took another 6 years, and hence the small towns and villages had the program imposed but they didn’t have the infrastructure to support the huge volumes of milk which came from the four corners, Milk was a commodity and every household in a village had their own cows to produce them and they did produce more than what was needed too. 

And so the necessity of how to make use of this inflow was becoming a challenge, When churned into butter the shelf life is less, and technology wasn't affordable to dehydrate milk substances into powder as it is now, or as to say it was too minimalistic and didn't cater the masses, one such town was Srivilliputhur, 

Srivilliputhur the temple town in Tamil Nadu India, known to have established over 80 odd co- operates by the time "Operation Flood" came into effect, The town was no ordinary one, every household had more than what they can offer, the milk was plentiful; and the necessity to find a way to put it into use was becoming a daunting task.

Enter - Palkova :  Pal  means Milk , Kova means sweet solid "According to Merchant, the now-legendary Tirunelveli halwa was first made and sold in the mid-1800s, in Lakshmi Vilas, which stands even today. Gradually the family dispersed to other parts of Tamil Nadu — to Nagercoil, to Tuticorin, to Srivilliputtur — and so did the art of sweet-making. Sometimes, more than one branch of the family settled in the same neighbourhood, as is the case with Merchant’s cousin, Sunder Singh, whose product is named “Puliyamarathadi palgova”, as his was the first shop by the local puliyamaram (tamarind tree)." Source :The Hindu 
Textures of Milk at Nadodi KL,Malaysia 

Palkova was also given to devotees, after the prayers at the famous Andal Temple, the preparation is simple Milk and sugar reduced over good man hours of stir, and the shelf life is quite impressive sans refrigeration,

At Nadodi KL, we pay homage to this legendary creation and the story behind it, the by products what the villagers tried before convincing them and the world around, the by products like Whey while making the Pal Katti (cheese), the yoghurt, the buttermilk , milk solids and milk cake.

And,Hence the "Textures of Milk".

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